3 Ways to Set a Diamond Ring

So you've committed to asking that all-important question. In the world of diamond jewellery, style is everything and when designing an exquisite diamond engagement ring to sparkle as the lid is lifted, we must consider exactly what suits their own personal style best.

Did you know that after selecting the diamond that hits all of your own criteria (think back to the 4 C's!), there are a number of other ways in which you can create an engagement ring that epitomises their uniqueness? On this occasion, let's look at the ways in which we can set your precious stone.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

One of the most classic styles of diamond engagement ring, we shall begin with the iconic solitaire. Here, we focus your attention on one thing - the stone and its sparkle. Regardless of the shape or cut of diamond you have selected, the solitaire engagement ring allows this natural creation to perform at its best, interacting with light and highlighting the brilliance for which it is famed. But your diamond need not be all alone - diamond set shoulders allow the introduction of companions. Like us, gemstones are often at their best when surrounded by friends.

Halo Engagement Rings 

Not only can diamonds be added to the shoulders, but halo engagement rings wrap gracefully around the centre stone, creating a beacon of light, becoming the certain envy of your family and friends. Like the solitaire, the art-deco style halo engagement ring can be beautifully created using an array of diamond shapes, from the classic round brilliant cut to the graceful pear shape.

Trilogy Engagement Rings 

Three can be a crowd, but certainly not in the case of engagement rings. A trilogy diamond ring brings together three stones set alongside each other, symbolising the past, present and future. Uniquely allowing the client to select a number of shapes which best represent your own story, the trilogy ring has long been a popular choice. It was a cushion cut diamond ring chosen by Prince Harry when popping the question!

Whichever style of diamond engagement ring best suits your journey, our team stand ready to play their own special part. Contact us at Silk Road Diamonds today for more information.