4 Ways to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Larger

If you’re someone who wants their engagement ring to really pop out on your hand, then there are simple tricks you can apply when choosing your diamonds.

Shape matters

It’s natural to be drawn to certain diamond shapes, but it's important to remember that certain diamond shapes will appear larger due to how the mass is distributed on the stone. If you want to pick a shape that will really stand out in an engagement ring, choose oval, pear, marquise-cut or emerald diamond rings. If you are still after a traditional style, an oval stone will offer a classic look whilst looking larger than a round diamond, the best of both worlds!

Consider a halo

If you’re after full glamour and sparkle, a halo setting is the one for you! Your main engagement ring diamond will be surrounded by dazzling smaller accent diamonds, which will give the illusion of extending the central diamond in your ring. A halo setting can be a clever way to update an existing engagement ring to change the look and add some extra sparkle.

Slim settings

The slimmer your band and settings are, the more your diamond will stand out and look larger. The wider your band is, the more your diamond will look smaller, so opt for a delicate band that will let the diamond in your engagement ring really shine. Again, this can be a clever way to adapt an existing engagement ring, as it is simple (and often not costly) to change the band and setting, so it’s well worth considering if you have a ring with the perfect stones but would just prefer a slimmer band.

Clean it regularly

The easiest tip of all! As diamond rings get worn every day, they will build up layers of dirt and oils from hand creams, perfumes and everyday activity. Get your diamond rings cleaned professionally at least once a year (trust us, you’ll be gobsmacked when you get your jewellery back!) and make time to clean your engagement ring at home too. Make sure you follow our guides to clean your diamond jewellery safely at home and avoid damaging the stones.

If you’re after more advice on choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, speak to a member of our team today to discuss your needs.