7 of the most fabulous celebrity engagement rings

In the world of celebrity, it’s go big or go home and never is this truer than with their engagement rings. Take a closer look at the fingers of most betrothed A-listers and you’ll find some of the most elaborate and expensive ring designs - not to mention ginormous gemstones and diamonds.

Let’s take a sneaky peek at some of the most magnificent. Get ready to gush…

Kate Middleton

Not strictly speaking a ‘diamond’ engagement ring but surely right up there in the fabulous stakes is Kate Middleton’s, or rather Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, to use her ‘official’ title.

Prince William presented Kate with the breathtakingly beautiful ring that was formerly his mother’s – Princess Diana.

It is an 18-carat oval sapphire, surrounded by a sparkling halo of 14 round diamonds - showcasing how well diamonds can be used to highlight and accentuate a contrasting stone’s beauty. Keep this idea in mind if you’re looking to create something a little different as your engagement ring.  


Grace Kelly

We all dream of marrying a prince but for Grace Kelly, the dream became a reality when she wed Prince Rainier III in 1956. He proposed with a stunning emerald cut, 10.47-carat diamond, utterly fabulous in its day and still breathtaking now.


Victoria Beckham

In a break from the usual celebrity trend of multiple rings and no lasting husband (or in some cases even a marriage in the first place!), Victoria has kept the husband but changed the ring. More than once!

She’s now rumoured to have some 14 engagement rings in her collection, with each one more fabulous than its predecessor. From diamond-encrusted emeralds and rubies to a 17-carat pear cut diamond, set on a pave diamond band. Wow.


Katy Perry


Proposed to on Valentine’s day by Orlando Bloom, Katy’s quirky and unique sense of style is perfectly captured in this vintage inspired flower shaped ring. Centred with an oval ruby with large diamonds displayed like petals around the edge making the dramatic red colour of the ruby really pop.


Kim Kardashian

Ok, so Kayne West was never going to choose a subtle ring but he outdid himself when he proposed to Kim Kardashian with this whopping 20-carat emerald cut diamond. Estimated to be worth in the region of £3.4 million the ring was sadly stolen during a robbery, but Kim has been spotted with what is thought to be an equally beautiful replica ring.


Ashlee Simpson

Pop princess and actress Ashlee Simpson really steals the show with this one of a kind marquise cut 5-carat diamond and ruby ring. Set in platinum and gold this ring rocks the vintage look, with a diamond sleeve for added drama and sparkle.


Paris Hilton

Despite never actually being married, Paris Hilton’s is another serial engagement ring owner. Perhaps one of the most spectacular rings to grace her hand though is this pear cut beauty. A massive 20-carat bauble which she reportedly lost in a night club – ouch!


Create the look without the celebrity price tag

Ok so you’re probably not a celebrity, nor are you likely to marry into royalty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own equally fabulous engagement ring.

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