How To Clean Your Diamond Ring at Home

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Why You Need To Regularly Clean Your Diamond Rings

Diamond Jewellery items such as rings and necklaces accumulate oil from the skin over time, leading to deposits of dust and dirt building up over time. Surfaces we touch, items we hold and cosmetics such as lotions will also cause problems if not cleaned properly.

How Often Should I Clean My Diamond Jewellery?

A careful cleaning and maintenance regimen is essential in ensuring your Diamonds sparkle at their brightest and look their best. Ideally you should have your ring cleaned professionally by your jeweller every 6-12 months, however home care will also significantly help in maintaining the condition of your Diamond Ring.

How to Avoid Damaging your Diamond Jewellery

You shouldn't wear your ring when washing your hands, bathing, performing household tasks such as cleaning, or if you are playing sports etc. When not being worn your ring should be kept in a Jewellery box, preferably with a slot or stand to ensure no contact with other items.

Impact or rubbing of your ring with other Diamonds or metals can lead to scratching and damage, with worst case scenarios including loosening of your Diamond.  

diamond engagement ring in a jewellery box

Clean Your Ring in 3 Simple Steps:

First gather the following items:

  • A bowl of warm (not hot!) water
  • Gentle cleansing agent such as washing up liquid
  • A Soft Toothbrush
  • A Soft Cloth

Step 1; The ring should be soaked in the bowl of warm water with a few drops of detergent for 15-20 minutes, ammonia can be used with warm water instead, however gloves would be required to prevent any contact with the skin.

cleaning diamond ring with soap and toothbrush close up

Step 2; Once soaked remove the ring from solution and use the soft toothbrush to VERY GENTLY scrub the jewellery item. Particular focus should be made on the joints and between the metal and the precious stone as these junctions will harbour dirt and grease. Applying pressure can loosen any set Diamonds or gemstones so this must be avoided. 

Step 3; Once the cleaning process is complete and you are happy dry your ring with a soft cloth.  

Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaners For Diamond Ring Care 

Although Jewellers will use these tools to clean a customers jewellery, you should avoid attempting to do this yourself. Incorrect use or purchasing the wrong specification of machine can cause serious damage to your jewellery, as well as a loss on any equipment purchased. If in doubt use the simple method described above or take your ring to a professional!

Should you need any further help Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have!