Engagement rings throughout the world

If you come from a western culture, you might believe that a diamond engagement ring is the only engagement ring. The engagement ring is thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt - betrothed couples would wear rings of braided reeds. The tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand also began in Ancient Egypt, as it was believed there was a vein running directly from here to the heart.

Whilst diamonds remain a popular choice for engaged couples, the traditional choices for engagement rings vary greatly throughout the globe. Let’s take a closer look at engagement rings in three different cultures.


Being at the heart of Europe, you may expect French couples to go for a sparkling diamond every time. Actually, alternative gemstones such as emeralds and rubies are very popular in France.

These days, more people are considering other gemstones as part of their engagement ring. If you fancy taking some inspiration from the French, choose an emerald diamond ring for a unique piece of jewellery.


In Hindu culture, engagement rings aren’t worn on the hand at all! Hindu brides-to-be are given toe rings, also named bichiya, believed to encourage a healthy reproductive system. In West Bengal, women receive decorated bangles with silver or gold plating, symbolising prosperity and good fortune.

In modern times, many Indian women receive a Western-style engagement ring in addition to traditional jewellery. When this is the case, this will often be a diamond engagement ring.

Native American cultures

Native American tribes all have their own unique cultures and traditions. With gemstones such as turquoise and topaz being readily available, many people choose engagement rings decorated with these stones rather than the diamond jewellery favoured by other Americans.

Native American engagement rings are almost always made from silver, embellished with colourful stones, and sometimes boasting engravings of significant symbols.

What about you ?

Your engagement ring should reflect your personality. Dazzling diamonds are always a fabulous choice and can be perfectly complemented by other stones or elements that are significant to you.

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