How to Find a Diamond Shape That will Flatter your Finger

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Which Diamond Shape is Best for My Finger?

There are certain tricks you can use when it comes to choosing the diamond shape and band size of your engagement ring that will really flatter your finger size. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules and you should always choose the engagement ring you love the most, but with these useful tips, you can find a stone shape and band size that will not only dazzle but will truly enhance your hand.

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Find a Diamond to Elongate Short Fingers

No matter what the width of your fingers, if you feel they are on the short side, you'll want to choose a diamond ring that gives the illusion of length. Look at stones that have more of an oval shape, such as a pear-cut or pear shaped diamond or a marquise-cut diamond that is set vertically. Both these shapes will help elongate the finger. Emerald diamond rings look exceptionally elegant on shorter fingers, as long as you opt for a smaller stone. Choosing a band that is dainty and narrow will also balance out a short finger.

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The Perfect Diamond Ring for Long Fingers

If your fingers are long and slender you can really go to town with carats. A long finger can take a thick band to match the length and a bold and unusual style will really stand out. Classic round-cut diamond rings and princess diamond rings also look beautiful on long, slender fingers as do halo and cushion cut diamond rings.

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How Not to Overpower a Delicate Finger

Smaller stones and wider, thicker bands will keep a slender finger in proportion. 2-carat diamond rings or below will enhance rather than overpower a slim finger and a narrow marquise-cut diamond will help to give the illusion of both width and length for the perfect balance.

A Diamond Ring to Harmonise a Wide Finger

The secret to finding an engagement ring that helps to slim down a wider finger is to think about proportions. Here, you can go big with your rock and look for shapes that cover most of the finger. The less skin showing either side of your engagement ring, the more slender your finger will look. Emerald diamond rings are ideal for wide fingers as are round stones, cluster designs and marquise diamonds that are set horizontally.

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