Ideas for a Christmas Proposal

Nearly everyone agrees that the most magical time of year is December. If you have been planning on proposing, why not make it around Christmas time to make your proposal that extra bit magical? Here are some ideas for a wonderful Christmas engagement!

On a weekend away

If you can fit in a weekend away just before Christmas, this could be the perfect time to propose. Rent out a log cabin somewhere rural, where it's just the two of you. There is sure to be a magical moment, so make sure that you have a ring ready, whether that's one of our emerald diamond rings or 2-carat diamond rings.

On the day itself

You could wrap up the ring and put it underneath the tree (it's best to do this on Christmas morning itself, to avoid any suspicions or risk it getting lost). Insist that your partner open it last, which will heighten the suspense and mean you can truly focus on this moment. This is one of the most romantic ways to propose around Christmas!

During a winter walk

Is there somewhere special that you both go to during winter? Perhaps it's a particular national park that looks especially magical when the leaves have shredded? Wherever it may be, choose this location for your proposal. You'll have to work out the best time to drop to one knee - it could be when you reach a place to rest. If you both have a personal connection to the place, this will make it even more special!

At New Year's Eve

If you think that your partner is getting suspicious of a Christmas proposal, why not hold it back until when they least expect it? You could do a New Year's Eve midnight proposal! If your partner would like a public engagement, you could pull the ring out just before midnight at a party, or do the same if you're spending the evening together at home. Why speak from the heart and tell them 'I want to spend next year, and the rest of my life with you', for the ultimate romantic New Year's proposal.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to propose. Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on how to do it! To see our full collection of rings that your fiancee will love, check out our online store.