Resizing your Ring- A Quick Guide

Unless you and your partner shopped for your engagement ring together, chances are that it won't fit your finger properly when you first try it on. It may either be a little too tight or too loose. If this is the case, do not panic, it can be resized. Here is everything you need to know about ring resizing.

How do I know if my ring needs to get resized?

To check the fit of your engagement ring, put it on, and then take it off. A good fit slides onto the finger easily and requires a little bit of pressure on the knuckle when taking off. If it gets stuck behind the knuckle, it is probably too tight. If it glides off without any pressure, when you angle your finger towards the ground, then it is too loose. If you do not want to lose your beautiful emerald diamond ring, get it resized today.

Can all rings be resized?

No, not all rings can be resized. For a jeweller to resize your ring, it must be made of metal such as gold, silver, or platinum. It must also have enough room for the actual work to be done. Therefore, if you have a full eternity band, it will be impossible to resize it because the stones are set all around. However, your jeweller can add a sizing assistant to the ring's interior to keep in place.

How much does it cost to resize an engagement?

Most jewellers offer free resizing, so ask about the warranty coverage before buying. If you decide to use a third party jeweller, the price will depend on factors such as:

Style of the ring

The more complex the detailing is, the harder it will be to resize the ring, and the more money you will pay.

Thickness and style of the band

Thicker rings are harder to resize compared to thinner rings. If your engagement ring has a thick band, you will be charged slightly more money to resize it.

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