The most popular diamond shapes in the market

Picking an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Other than the <a href=""> 4Cs of diamonds</a>, one of the other most important things to consider when ring shopping is the shape - its geometric appearance. Here are the most popular shapes for engagement rings.

Round brilliant diamond

This is the most popular diamond shape in the market. The round brilliant diamond is cut to optimise sparkle and brilliance. It features approximately 58 facets that reflect light for a breath-taking show of contrast and sparkle. This classic diamond shape will look good in any setting, which makes it a safe buy.

Princess cut

The princess cut can appear square or rectangle depending on the length to width ratio. It is the most popular fancy shaped diamond, mainly because of its contemporary sparkle and style. It has pointed corners and over 50 chevron-shaped facets that offer exceptional scintillation.

Cushion cut diamond

The cushion cut or pillow-cut diamond has gained massive popularity over the past few years. Just like a pillow, it is a softer square or rectangular shape with rounded edges. It also has large facets, which increase its brilliance.

Emerald cut diamond

This diamond shape is truly unique. Its cutting style is known as the step cut, and it gives the diamond a half mirror effect that adds eye-catching depth to the stone. It also features rectangular, parallel facets that highlight the diamond's colour and icy clarity.

Oval cut diamond

The oval shape is an elegant combination of the marquise and round brilliant cut. It is slightly longer than the round brilliant but has the same sparkle. It has about 58 facets and a large surface area to bring out its brilliance. This shape gives an elongating effect to short fingers.

Marquise cut diamond

The marquise shape has the largest surface area out of all fancy rings. If you are looking for something longer than the oval, this is it. It also has 58 facets, which guarantees sparkle and brilliance.

Heart cut diamond

The heart shape is a classic symbol of love, making it a great choice for classic romantics. This diamond shape is cut with an exact length to width ratio to ensure that all the curves are perfectly symmetrical.

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