Transforming heirloom jewellery into a new diamond ring

If you’ve inherited a diamond engagement or wedding ring from a family member but it’s not quite the right style, this doesn’t mean it has to sit unworn in a drawer! There are many things you can do to update or transform the jewellery into something more suited to your taste (or to your partner’s taste if you’re planning to propose with an inherited engagement ring). We take a look at some of the key things to consider when you inherit diamond jewellery.

Check for approval first

Just because a piece of jewellery has been passed on to you and is now yours, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check if it is ok to adapt it. Jewellery, especially diamond engagement and wedding rings, hold huge sentimental value, so it’s important to check the previous family member who owned it is or would be happy for you to change it. Most of the time, the family will always say yes as it will still hold special value as it gets passed down through the generations, but the last thing you want to do is upset your family when planning for a proposal!

What if I haven’t inherited a diamond ring?

Just because the ring you have inherited doesn’t have a diamond stone in the setting, it doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it! A jeweller can remove the existing stones (and perhaps place them in a necklace or earrings instead) and add a new diamond to the ring. Whether you prefer pear, oval, round or emerald diamond rings, you’ll be able to make the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiancé that incorporates your family history.

If you are replacing the diamond on a ring, make sure your jeweller is reputable and only uses GIA & IGI certified diamonds from an ethical source.

Keep the history alive

When you are given a piece of jewellery that is a family heirloom, make sure you ask all about it for the stories and history behind it too! If you have been chosen to inherit something so special, the person passing it on will be excited to share the detail behind it, which you can then pass on to your partner, and perhaps one day children of your own. It’s a wonderful way to keep the personal meaning behind a piece of jewellery alive.

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