What you should NEVER do when cleaning your diamond jewellery at home

During lockdown, you might be tempted to clean up your diamond jewellery at home to remove any dust or build-up from everyday use and contact with skin moisturisers, oils and perfumes. Whilst diamonds are known for being one of the hardest natural stones, they still need special care to stay flawless.

We take a look at the mistakes people can make when cleaning their diamond rings and jewellery at home.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

These may look like the perfect high tech solution to get your jewellery sparkling, but you could risk causing permanent damage to your diamond jewellery. Whilst an ultrasonic cleanser might give jewellery a thorough, deep clean thanks to the low-frequency sound waves and vibrations they use to agitate the liquid cleanser, they can also loosen any stones in your ring. The last thing you want is to take your ring out and discover precious stones have fallen out.

Home cleaning solutions

There are a few, let’s say, old wives tales on everyday household products you can use to clean your jewellery with. Sadly, they can be far too harsh and not only damage the gemstones, but also scratch the metal on your jewellery. Never, ever use bleach, acetone or baking soda to clean your diamond jewellery. Another popular household item people make the mistake of using is toothpaste. This may appear to be a gentle item, but in reality, it could still cause permanent damage to your diamond jewellery.

Tough cloths

If you do decide to clean your diamond engagement ring at home, you can follow our guide to do it safely. Once the jewellery has been cleaned, don’t fall at the final hurdle! Only ever use a very soft cotton cloth to dry your jewellery with and never a paper towel or kitchen towel. They are far too harsh and could scratch the metal.

If in doubt… go pro

If you have any reservations at all on cleaning your diamond rings and jewellery at home, then wait to get it cleaned by a professional jeweller for peace of mind. It’s a good habit to get your engagement ring cleaned by a professional jeweller once or twice a year and they can also check the settings are intact to keep your precious stones in perfect condition.

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