Your proposal checklist - everything you need to know

Deciding you are going to propose to someone is a hugely exciting and significant life moment, but it can feel overwhelming! We’ve got a checklist that will help you pull together your plan for the perfect proposal…

When and where

This is the best place to start so you know what timeline you are working towards, especially if you want to have a bespoke engagement ring made too. Proposals don’t always have to be grand and flashy to be perfect. What matters is that they have meaning. So think about your partner and the things in life they love; would they want a bigger proposal with their friends and family there to celebrate, or would they prefer something more private with just the two of you? Is there a particular place that is special to you both? Whether at the top of the Eiffel Tower or at home, as long as your proposal has meaning behind it, your partner will feel it’s the most special moment of their life.

Choosing the ring

If you have discussed marriage with your partner, you may already have an idea of their dream engagement ring, but if you haven’t got a clue on where to start, don’t panic! It can feel daunting deciding whether to go for a traditional diamond engagement ring or a colourful ring with emeralds or rubies, but there are ways you can find out their style without giving the game away. See what they like on social media websites such as Pinterest or Instagram and take a look at what they wear day to day; do they tend to wear gold or silver jewellery? Dainty or statement pieces? You could ask a trusted family member or friend for their input too. If you are still struggling, you could propose with a promise ring and then choose the engagement ring together once you are engaged, which will still be a really special moment.


Decide whether to ask for a blessing

Times have changed and not everyone will ask for a blessing from the father of the bride before proposing if it doesn’t feel appropriate. Think about your partner, their family relationships and their beliefs to help inform this part of the proposal. If asking for permission feels too formal, then perhaps you might prefer to find an opportunity to tell your partner’s closest family that you plan to propose so they are still included in the special moment. Remember this is for you and your partner, so do what feels most right for you both.

The most important thing with a proposal is it marks the next chapter for you and your partner. Make sure you enjoy every moment of it and allow plenty of time to celebrate after!