Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

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Popularised in the 1920s and inspire by Art Deco styling, the halo ring consists of a diamond centre stone surrounded by smaller gemstones, usually in a circular setting. 

Although mostly associated with Diamond engagement rings, the Halo setting works with many different types of precious and semi precious gemstones.

The Halo style engagement ring allows a more detailed style or design beyond a solitaire, but without the complexities and costs of a Vintage or bespoke setting. It also causes the central Diamond to appear much larger than it is, creating a more impressive overall effect.

The smaller Diamonds in a Halo are usually set very closely and require precision cutting and workmanship to create the desired aesthetic. Every Diamond is unique and careful colour matching of the surrounding stones is required to produce the desired effect.

A pronged setting with 4-6 prongs is usually recommended, to allow maximal light to enter all the Diamonds, which will already be reduced due to multiple stones set closely together.

Be it a Round Brilliant or Fancy Cut Diamond such as a Pear, Marquise, Emerald, or Cushion we can create the perfect Halo Engagement Ring for you! If you can’t find the Ring or setting of your choice Contact Us as we can source you almost anything !