Marquise Cut Diamonds

What is a Marquise Cut Diamond?

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History of the Marquise Cut Diamond

The Marquise Cut dates back to 17th Century France, when it was commissioned personally by King Louis XV, known as Louis the Beloved, inspired by the lips of his mistress and muse Jean Antionette Poisson. Louis the Beloved was the great grandson of perhaps the most famous French Monarch and architect of Versailles, “The Sun King” Louis XIV. 

This cut of Diamond is the namesake of the rank of French courtiers in this time that wore the Marquise Shaped Diamond to identify their rank. Other names for the Marquise shape include the “Navette” (french for little boat), football shaped cut, boat cut, or eye shaped cut, and the cut is often used in other stones such as Emeralds and Rubies. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Marquise Cut Diamond

The long thin shape can help fingers look more slender and narrow, so can be flattering to many hand and finger shapes. Critical factors with a Marquise will be the symmetry & alignment of the terminal points of the diamond, as any deviation from this will affect overall appearance and setting of the diamond.

The centre of the stone can also lack colour if not carefully selected, leading to a “bow tie” effect common in many “Fancy” shapes. When selecting a colour a long held trend with Marquise Cut Diamonds has been the preference of slightly coloured stones lower down the colour scale. 


marquise cut halo diamond engagement ring


Due to the shape of the diamond, the tips are narrow in cross section and hence will need to be protected from chipping or fracturing. both careful mounting and setting onto and engagement ring and diligence during wear will be required. 

A Marquise Cut Diamond can form the centrepiece of any Solitaire, Halo or Trilogy setting. Go to our Diamond Search Engine and select Princess in the shape section and see what we currently have available.

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