Oval Shape Diamonds

What Are Oval Shape Diamonds?

Oval Cut Diamond

The current day incarnation of the Oval Diamond was first showcased by World renowned diamond cutter and hall of fame jeweller Lazare Kaplan in Russia.

How to Choose an Oval Shaped Diamond

An oval shaped diamond has 58 facets with an approximate 1.33 to 1.66 length to width ratio. A major advantage of this and other elongated “fancies” is that this diamond shape will appear larger than other diamonds of a similar carat weight, and will also help shorter wider fingers appear more elongated. Care must be taken as with an undesirable length to width ratio the diamond may look to long or too stubby, ideally try to find a stone with a length to width ratio >1.35

Oval Diamonds and the “Bow Tie” Effect

As with the Pear, Marquise, and Heart shapes there can be a "Bow Tie" effect, which is a black figure of 8 running north to south on the central area of the diamond.

Most oval cuts will have this effect but it is essential to select a diamond with cut characteristics that will minimise this and allow preferable optical properties, improving brilliance and sparkle in the central regions of the diamond. 

Best Colour for an Oval Diamond ?

We would advise picking a diamond from D-H colour so it appears colourless/ clear, and will look exceptional on Split Shank or Pavè rings.

An Oval Shaped Diamond can form the centrepiece of any Solitaire, Halo or Trilogy setting. Go to our Diamond Search Engine and select Oval in the shape section and see what we currently have available.

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