Pear Shaped Diamonds

A Guide To Buying Pear Shaped Diamonds

pear shaped diamond on white background


Another "Fancy" Shape the Pear is a hybrid of the Marquise and Round Brilliant Diamonds. Although less common, this shape is enjoying a resurgence and is particularly good at making fingers appear longer and slimmer. 

How to Select a Pear Shaped Diamond

As with the Marquise, length to width ratio is critical when purchasing a Pear Shaped Diamonds, with the ideal ratio at around 1.4-1.7 L/W. A nicely shaped stone will have a rounded end shaped like a semi circle, as an overly wide or flattened shape can give an overall squat appearance. 

Another important consideration is the overall symmetry of the Diamond, with the rounded wings being uniform and a mirror image of one another. Its also critical the pointed end of the diamond is precisely aligned with the centre or apex of the rounded end, or the diamond will appear lopsided and unattractive. 

Like a Marquise Cut Diamond the point is at risk of fracture so should be protected with prongs or claws. The centre of the Diamond can also produce a bow tie effect with a darker appearance, so this will also require visual examination.

The current day incarnation of the Oval Diamond was first showcased by World renowned diamond cutter and hall of fame jeweller Lazare Kaplan in Russia.

Pear Shaped Diamonds - GIA Video Guide


A Pear Shaped Diamond can form the centrepiece of any Solitaire, Halo or Trilogy setting. Go to our Diamond Search Engine and select Oval in the shape section and see what we currently have available.

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