Princess Cut Diamonds

What is a Princess Cut or Princess Shape Diamond?

The Princess Cut is a favourite choice for those seeking a modern elegant geometric shaped diamond. With strong clean lines and angles, combined with four sides of almost equal length, this rectangular diamond appears square to the naked eye. 

Princess Cut Princess Shape Diamonds Loose

History of The Princess Cut

The Princess Cut Diamond was first created in 1960 by A. Nagy of London & is an extremely popular choice for engagement rings and jewellery alike, with optical properties on par with that of Round Brilliant and Cushion Cut Diamonds.

The shape and optical properties of the diamond allow imperfections to be masked due to the extra facets allowing more light to be dispersed and reflected.

Princess Cut Diamonds offer value for money in terms of price per carat as the rough stone is maintained in the cutting process and also the polishing process of these diamonds produce less waste.

How To Choose Your Princess Cut Diamond

When choosing a colour for your Princess Cut G-H and below offer warmer yellow tones and D-F cooler whiter tones.

When choosing the best setting for your Princess Cut Diamond, setting choice should protect the corners against the risk of damage or chipping, and we recommend channel and four prong settings such as in Solitaire and Trilogy Rings. These settings not only allow your Princess Cut Diamond to take centre stage showing off its beauty but also offers optimum protection from damage.

Solitaire Engagement Ring with Princess Cut Diamond

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